Short film (5 minutes) - My role as a director


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This point-of-view music video gives me an idea of how to shoot with public reactions.

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I have been on the look out for point-of-view shots to give me some inspiration on the style that could be used. The video here uses the POV perspective and includes the reactions of people surrounding the main character. This is something I would like to incorporate into the short film our group are making.

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After a colourful, happy life in which he could make even the most bitter of children laugh at the squeeze of his red nose, Clance the clown has officially become washed up. The world around him has quickly become a different place for his burnt-out clowning talent and, with its hypnotic lure of technology, films and video games, Clance cannot help but despair upon the hard fact that children no longer care for clowns anymore.

One morning alike any other, whilst sat alone stewing on the decadence that has now become his life, Clance hears the sounds of carousel music coming from outside. He sets off into the city, following the fading music, in desperate hope to rediscover somewhere he belongs again.

The plot propels us in a first-person-perspective game of cat-and-mouse whereby we are oblivious to the core of the protagonist's plight, but swept along helplessly with him, wishing him to succeed without actually knowing until the end what it is he is driven towards. The discordant rise and fall of the carousel organ, alongside rack-focusing, shakey-cam and jump-cut camera techniques, motion the protagonists' tumultuous and unstable sense of being.

A typical array of clown props employed will suggest the identity of the protagonist, without directly revealing it until the final panning out from point of view perspective to third person perspective.

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