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Continuing on our quest to have less plastic in our lives, whilst visiting the open day at Sheffield University with my daughter- we discovered that they had a great shop selling lots of sustainable items. We were delighted to find that they sold metal straws. We had started using paper straws opposed to plastic ones at home, but we were delighted with the metal ones and they came with a little straw cleaners! we were very pleased with our new find .
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Every girl dreams of their wedding day. The big dress, the ringing of the church bells, horse drawn carriage and being a princess for the day. Nevertheless all that can come at a hefty price. According to a National Wedding Survey 2018, the average wedding in the UK cost over £30,000 (Hosie, 2018). So it’s no wonder less and less people are choosing to get wed. According to the most recent Office of National Statistics (2018) (ONS), the number of opposite sex marriages fell by 3.4% between 20...
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