The whispers


Mom are you and dad home
No why?
I keep hearing whispers it's really creepy listen
Uh oh
Mom what ?
.... if I tell you you'll be scared
Mom I already am
Just tell me
So the people who lived in the house 100 years ago had a daughter
She was only 5 years old and she was drawing on the walls and painting the walls and furniture
Her father got really really mad and beat her until she bleed
So her father was abusive?
So the girl was whispering "help mommy help help" but no one heard her because she was quit she was dying later that night she bleed to death hearing her parents fight about what her father had done
The mother went in te room to get her daughter and leave but she was dead
Omg that horrible
Wait I'm not finished
... so the mother went out of the room and told the girls father what he did
The father said there's no way I killed that little brat the mother said go look
Then he saw HE Killed her the father said we need to hide her no one can find out the mom said no we have to turn you in
The father then said no if you turn me in then I'll have to kill you to the mom had a scared look on her face then said ok fine where will we put her the father said what about the attic
No she will start to smell soon the mom said then she added why don't we put a large tray in the oven the burn her then put her in a jar and put it on the mantle and say it was the cat
The father said ok that will keep people from looking we have to change our names and loose connection with everyone
Ok if that's what we have to do then let's do it
Where are you right now sweetie
I'm in my room is my room where she was killed mom is it
Yes sweetie
Where are you
I'm on my bed why
Ok don't move I'll be home soon if you move she will start beating you till YOU die then do what her parents did to her
Ok I'm really scared mom
I know sweetie we will be home in 5 min
Mom are you home
Yea just pulled up I'll be there to help you in just a sec

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