The blue room.

This story is about a boy who has a blue bedroom. Everytime the boy goes away, something happens in the room. Will the boy find out what's happening?


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This is the blue room of the boy. Remember the things you see on this photo.

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The boy is in his room, he's always playing games in his room. Suddenly he get's called by the mother. 'Alex, are you coming?' 'Yes mom, I'm coming!' The boy leaves the room and goes downstairs. He joins his family to eat. This is when weird things are happening in his room. Things are moving, the boat on his wall is flying through the room, toys are moving, Everything is moving. This room is haunted. Since the room is blue, everytime the boy leaves the room gets darker by color. It's only a matter of time when the boy finds out. The boy is done with eating, he says bye to his family and goes back upstairs to his room. Everything is moving back to it's place and when the boy enters the room, everything is quiet. The boy notices something. 'Didn't I leave my controller on my bed, why is it next to the tv?' 'Oh well, I guess I'm a bit dumb.'
This is the first day of the haunting and many more days will come.

MikeKun — 5 years ago

This is the first chapter, many more will come. The days of the haunted room aren't over yet!