A 8 year old girl named Mia was going home from the bus. When she goes into the house, she did not see her parents or pets. She only finds a little boy, but she does not know if she can trust him...


A 6 year old girl, Mia, got home from the bus. When she got home she couldn't find her parents or pets. She thought that maybe they went to the vet to get a checkup. She explored the house to make sure if they were not home. While exploring, she found a little boy in the front yard. "Hello! What are you doing here?" She asked. The boy starred at her blankly and said "Lost." She wanted to help him so she asked more questions. She than asked where his parents where and what his name is. "I don't have parents because they put me up for adoption at age 3, and my name is Damian."

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