Beca is home alone..... or is she?


Beca was home alone because her mum was at work and her dad was at out with friends. Beca is always home alone, she was used to it by now. But this time something felt strange, noises where coming from the basement! Not just any noises, babies crying noises. She texted her dad but he wasn't answering, she couldn't talk to her mum because she was in a meeting. Beca started to hear screams and crying now so she headed down to the basement to listen. Everything went silent..... and the door flung open taking her in the dark cold room.

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In the cold room was a person covered in blood and a baby also covered in blood. She knew she was next. But the guy just said ' your name is Beca? Well I did some bad things to this baby '. Beca cried ' how do you know my name?! Also why would you kill the baby?!'..... ' because it's fun and you are next!' The man screeched with a laugh. Beca started to recognised the mans face, it was someone she knew, very well..... her Father.

Bstubbsy8 — 5 years ago

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