Zain, Asif, Layla, Saniya's exhibition

What we can learn from the Holocaust centre for our lives today.


Here are some films that we made about things that mean a lot to us so that we can compare these that were important to people who lived during the Holocaust.

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As he stared at the other children,
Strangers they were to him
He turned his back on the train
He looked very slim.

Leo stood on the train
His mother cried aloud
As everyone started to stare
He said goodbye for now

The train took off
He gave one last wave
And then he knew that,
It was a moment to save.

A tear rushed down his cheek,
Sadness went through his veins,
He didn’t want to leave his mother
It left him in incredible pain.

He couldn’t be happy
He looked very grim
This decision he had made
It felt like a sin.

He thought they were close,
It had been a long while,
Ever since he saw,
His mum’s beautiful smile
He wished for life to be fair
He wanted to go back in time
As different emotions
Flowed through his mind
He’d been made to feel
As if he’d committed a crime.


There I was staring for a moment
In the blink of my eye
I saw my parents.

On the way to London
All the children were playing
As I sat there crying in pain.

There I was
Once again
Trying to stop my tears pouring
Out again


There I was far away
Away from my mum
Crying in pain

As the train moved slowly
I waved goodbye
To my mummy
Now you will never forget me
as I will always be in your memories.


When he started to pack up his things
His mother came in
“Do you want me to take you to the kinder transport”
“Yes mom”
Before he went on the train,
He went to his mother
He hugged her and set off
All the way to London
He met strangers, when he went on the train
He didn’t know anyone, as he stepped on

He sat down looking at his bag
He remembered everything that his mom gave him
A tear went down his cheek
When he looked at the pictures
He kept on crying
While everyone was staring at him.

As he travelled to London
He knew that he couldn’t stop crying
But when he looked at the pictures,
He stopped crying.


I just went on the best trip ever! I went to the Holocaust Centre. Me and my class went on the 8th June 2016.We went through Leo’s story again just to fully grasp how bad the Holocaust was. I really enjoyed getting to see the artefacts that we didn’t get to see last time we came. I learnt a lot off valuable lessons while I was at the Holocaust Centre. Hannah, who took us around the Holocaust Centre, told us different stories about different people.

In my opinion the best bit was when we met Suzie Bechoffer. She was a surviver of the Holocaust. Suzie told us her story about when she had to go in an orphanage because her mum could not care for her. After that, we got around 20 minutes to ask Suzie questions. They were really good questions and there were some very interesting answers. I would really love to learn more about Suzie over the coming weeks. Hopefully I will be able to visit the Holocaust Centre soon


On Wednesday 8th June 2016 Y5 had the opportunity to visit the Holocaust Centre once more. We went into a room where we watched 2 videos. After that we went up the elevator in our groups. We all had a look around and when we saw everything in Leo’s living room\dining room we sat on the carpet. As a group we got given 5 cards to leave in each room. We all found it amazing but we all were starving however we didn’t moan. After looking at Leo’s things we went into the lunch room to have lunch, it was packed in there.

After lunch we went into this room where we were asking questions to a woman called Suzie Bechoffer. She told us about her life and how her dad Otto and her mum Rosa got together. They had 2 daughters called Suzie and Lotty.


On Wednesday 8th June 2016 Y5 went to the Holocaust Centre. When we arrived we went into a room and took our coats and bags off. Then we saw Paul and Rosie who work at the university of leeds. After that we went into a different room where we watched a few videos about the journey. Then we went up in the lift and turned up in Leo’s living room. After we had a good look around Leo’s living room, we went into Leo’s class room where we watched more videos. Then we asked Suzie some questions about life in the Holocaust.


It was the best day ever! Me and my class went back to the Holocaust centre on the 8th June 2016.At the Holocaust Centre we saw Paul and Rosie. We went to the Holocaust Centre because we wanted to find out more about the survivers life and we wanted to meet them.

At the Holocaust Centre we did some different activities in different rooms before we did the activities, we got split into different groups. In my group there was Pharrell, Immanuel, Zakariya and Sam E. When we finished getting into our groups we began our first activity. Our first activity was we got different card with different rights. One of us had to be the leader for each room, I was the leader for the last room. When we finished our first activity, we went into the garden and saw some flowers with memories beside them. We looked at them and went back to our room to have lunch. When we finished our lunch, we went down the stairs. We saw a survivor, who’s called Suzie, she told us about her life. When she had finished we started to ask questions. The questions were very interesting and amazing. I wish I could find out more things about Suzie. I have enjoyed the Holocaust Centre.


We made a banner full of negative behaviours and positive behaviours. For the negative behaviours we wrote the words in a stone to represent the stones at the Holocaust Centre, which were there to remember those who died in the Holocaust. For the positive behaviours we wrote the words in a rose to represent the roses at the Holocaust Centre which, were there to give us good memories about the people who died in the Holocaust. We've also decorated the positive ones with bright colours and the negative ones in dark colours.